Stevie Kahn

Cityscape & Landscape Photographer

Hala Hala Habibis!

The 1st December 2015 was a day that changed my life as it was the first time that I ever tried taking a Long Exposure on my camera! I look back on that shot today and it was over exposed, it was noisy and the camera settings were all wrong but at the time I was so proud to post that photo on my Facebook page. I became addicted to photography thereafter and now it is more than a passion – it is a huge part of my life… hence “Living the Lens!”

My style of photography has developed over the years and I always try to capture the most vibrant, saturated, colourful and detailed images. I guess you could also call me a Moonaholic due to my somewhat obsession with the Big Cheese! There are some who love the post processing more than being out in the field but for me there is nothing better than being out and about exploring, travelling and creating the content.

I don’t think that you can ever stop learning in Photography and that is what I am looking forward to most during the “Living the Lens” workshops. Every single participant including the instructors can learn from each other and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing others improve their photography skills due to the little tips and techniques we have all picked up over the years. We look forward to meeting and seeing you all there!

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